Intermediate Kiting Lesson


Intermediate Kiting Lesson
Time: 3 hours of Professional Maui Kiteboarding Lessons 
Cost: $299
When: All year long. Reserve your lesson in advance to ensure availability.
Where: Located in Kahului, Maui at world renown Kite Beach

Before taking this next lesson, make sure you've mastered body dragging upwind, dragging with the board, and launching and landing the kite. Because in this lesson, we will adapt to your current needs, and we can guarantee we will make you a better kiteboarder after taking a kitesurfing lesson with us!

Here are few problems many of our intermediate students are faced with:

1. Kiteboarding Upwind - Kiteboarding upwind is probably one of the hardest obstacles beginning kiteboarders face. This may be due to the fact that you have not been taught proper kite skills, board skills, or your gear might not have been ideal for the current conditions.

2. Transitioning Back & Forth - This is a basic skill that can be easily solved by learning how to position your kite and board in the correct position while making your turns.

3. Jumping - Our Maui Kiteboarding Instructors will go over the basic principals on how to jump and how to do it safely. You're kiteboarding instructor will demonstrate how to properly jump, and they will go over theory with you as well.  All of our kitesurfing instructors that teach intermediate kiting lessons are professionals and are expert kiteboarding watermen.

If there are any other kiteboarding skills that you may have, our kiteboarding instructors will be more than happy to help you.

"Please note that the majority of our students book 3 hour lessons or more because they say they can learn to kiteboard better and faster."

To reserve your kiting lesson in advance on our calendar booking system below, please select the month and day that you would like to start and a starting time of either 11am or 2pm.  

Where to Meet

We will meet you at our Kanaha Beach Park location where our truck will be at Kanaha Beach Park. It's basically located directly in front of the Kahului Airport towards the water.  Look for the bright orange and yellow truck.

If you are reserving your lesson within 24 hours of your desired starting time, please contact us directly at (808) 852-1938 to confirm availability.

We are looking forward in getting you out on the water and getting you hooked on the best water sport in the world! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us today at 808-852-1938

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