2 Hour Foilboarding Lesson


NEW!!! Maui Kite Foilboarding Academy with the Cabrinha Foil

(also known as "Foiling" or "Hydrofoiling") is quickly growing in popularity because it is incredibly fun and makes kiting possible in extremely light winds. Top professional riders are raving about the unique sensation of effortlessly cruising above the water, feeling like flying as you silently glide through chop and cruise upwind.

Kiting.com's Kite Foilboard Lessons makes it easy for any kiteboarder with intermediate or higher skills to learn foilboarding. We prefer all of our students to have comfortably rode a kitesurf board without straps to get the most out of your Maui Kiteboarding Lesson.  "Maui Kitesurfing School Offers The Ultimate 1-on-1 Learning Experience!"

Foilboarding Lessons (beginner foilers - advanced)
Time: 2 Hours
Cost: $199
Gear:  Cabrinha Foilboard (Short Mast and Long Mast Technology)
Ratio: 1 : 1 Student to instructor ratio
When: Year-round with 80 degree water
Where: Kahului, Maui at world renown Kite Beach

Please note that our course is designed to teach you over 3 days.  Some of our students can pick up foiling within the day; however most will require 3 days or more. We use a multi mast Cabrinha foil system where you can learn on a short mast foil and later progress to the longer lengths.

"Foilboarding is your magic carpet ride. You can go anywhere with ease and comfort. It's similar to riding a nice puffy cloud or snowboarding with 6 feet of freshly packed alpine powder. Foiling is easy on the body, and you can foil upwind with as little as 10mph of wind. The greatest innovation to happen to kiting since spectra was invented!"
-Jared (Jay Lane)

Get ready to crave the lightwind days! Our kite foilboard lessons are designed for riders who want the rush of floating silently over the water and ripping upwind in the lightest of breezes. Learning to foil is a bit like learning to kite again and taking lessons with Kiting.com will take you through the progression in digestible steps.

Required ability: To maximize your time on the water, you have to be a self-sufficient, confident flatwater rider that can stay upwind. You must also have the will to start at the beginning again, because learning to foil is like learning to kite all over. But, like learning to kite, the rewards of learning to foil are incredible.

Goals of the Maui Kiteboard lesson: The goal of the Maui Foilboard Lesson is to take riders who have never touched a foil and have them leave a self-sufficient foilboarder. At the completion of your lesson, you will be able to safely get in the water, body drag out to deep enough water, ride back and forth, and return to the beach. You will experience the rush of not just riding on the water, but above it! (Please note that it generally takes 3-4 lessons to feel comfortable on a foilboard)

Weather: Maui, Hawaii receives 25 days of 15mph or stronger wind per month and even more days over 10 mph, perfect foiling wind. Our summer months are the most consistent and best time to learn. During your lesson we will maximize the conditions and spend as much time on the water as possible. Year-round temperatures range from 78-85 Degrees. Wetsuits are not needed! Booties are optional.

What to Expect: You should be ready for a life changing experience. Learning to foilboard has a steep learning curve, but when you get it, it's worth it! Foil Board lessons start at either 11:00am or 2:00pm daily.

All Maui Kitesurfing School, instructors teach from a surfboard following you downwind (or upwind) as you ride and progress. All Maui kiteboarding gear is provided (including foil board, kites, bars, harness, and surfboard). Participating kiteboarders will need to provide their own waterwear and booties. Learning to foil is a bit like learning to kiteboard all over again. We will take you through the progression in manageable steps. From learning how to carry the foilboard to getting your first rides, Maui Kitesurfing School's coaches will break down the steps and will help you break your twintip habits to become a successful foiler.

Our foil boarding teaching methods allow the rider to receive instant feedback on how to get up, stay up, and then get up on foil. From the gear side, we tap into the minds of our pro rider-coaches and learn more about the different types of foils and which kites are best for foiling.

Each lesson includes: 

• Three Hours of World Class Kiteboarding Instruction
• Surfboard Water Support
• Gear and Theory Tech Sessions
• Cabrinha Kites and Cabrinha Foil

Where to Meet

We will meet you at our Kanaha Beach Park location where our Kiting.com truck will be located. It's basically located directly in front of the Kahului Airport towards the water.  Look for the bright orange and yellow Kiting.com truck.To reserve your kiting lesson in advance on our calendar booking system below, please select the month and day that you would like to start and a starting time of either 11am or 2pm.

If you are reserving your lesson within 24 hours of your desired starting time, please contact us directly at (808) 852-1938 to confirm availability.

We are looking forward in getting you out on the water and getting you hooked on the best water sport in the world! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us today at 808-852-1938 

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