Advanced Kiting Lesson


Advanced Kiteboarding Lesson 
Time: 3 hours of Professional Maui Kiteboarding Instruction 
Cost: $299
When: All year long. Reserve your lesson in advance to ensure availability.
Where: Located in Kahului, Maui at world renown Kite Beach

"I can't believe I kiteboarded 8 miles downwind with an instructor, and someone was there to take me back to do it again!" (Rayna Carlson, HI)

If you're the type of person that wants to kiteboard secluded spots, kite long down winders, add style to your riding, jump higher, and ride big waves one of our top professional kite instructors will be right there with you!

We're proud to say we are the the best kiteboarding school for Maui that can offer true advanced lessons. And we make this possible because our instructors are professional kiteboarders. So if there's anything you would like to know, these are the guys to ask.

1. Kite Secluded Spots - We take many of our Maui kiteboarding students to spots where there are few if no kiteboarders at all! If you're going to kiteboard, it might as well be in a place where no one is at. But if you get the chance, we highly reccomend our advanced to students to fly over to Maui and get some real secluded kiting. We're not even allowed to say where we take our Maui kiteboarding students because these spots are just that secluded and secret.

2. Long Down Winders - Pending on the current conditions, we take students on down winders in excess of 8 miles! The best and most scenic down winders are held on the island of Maui, so if you want the 8 mile down winder than this is the place where you want to go.

3. Add Style To Your Riding - We can adapt to any style of riding that you would like to learn. We can teach you anything from wakestyle handle-passes through big wave riding skills!

4. Jump Higher - We'll show you how to get the most lift out of your jump, and it's easy to do this because we'll be kiteboarding right beside you. You will be able to immitate every little motion we make. Watching our kitesurfing instructors in action is one of the best ways to progress because these guys are true professionals.

5. Ride Big Waves - If you take an advanced lesson with us at the right time, you might be able to get some big wave riding in. The prime time for big wave riding is from September - April.

To reserve your kiting lesson in advance on our calendar booking system below, please select the month and day that you would like to start and a starting time of either 11am or 2pm.    

Where to Meet:

We will meet you at our Kanaha Beach Park location where our truck will be at Kanaha Beach Park. It's basically located directly in front of the Kahului Airport towards the water.  Look for the bright orange and yellow truck.

If you are reserving your lesson within 24 hours of your desired starting time, please contact us directly at (808) 852-1938 to confirm availability.

We are looking forward in getting you out on the water and getting you hooked on the best water sport in the world!  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us today at 808-852-1938

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