2017 F-One Signature Carbon Kite Surfboard



The 2017 F-One Signature Surfboards are designed for pure surfing with a shape that comes out of a long evolution of our kite surfboards. This year we introduce an utltra lightweight carbon version. With the Camel Deck shape, the 2017 F-One Signature Surfboard volume has been maximized in the middle sections of the boards before fading out towards to tail to keep heel of the rear foot as low as possible for a better control. The 2017 F-One Signature Surfboard Heel Shock Absorber featured on deck makes sure all impacts feel softer for the rider to achieve a smoother ride and increases the board durability.The 2017 F-One Signature Surfboard rail is thick and rounded towards the nose to make the board more forgiving with more stability and support from the front sections. The 2017 F-One Signature Surfboard bottom shape features a single concave on the front half of the board, evolving further aft into a straight V shape at the fins. The 2017 F-One Signature Surfboard concave provides a smoother ride and a better balance while the V tail ensures the board remains super responsive. Switching from one rail to the other is quick and simple as the board enters the turns with ease, gaining also in maneuverability thanks to its round pin tail. - Ultra light weight!

Benefitting from more volume and length, the 2017 F-One Signature Surfboard 5’10 will fit the larger riders or the larger waves. Being slightly shorter, the 2017 F-One Signature Surfboard 5’8 will let you carve the most radical turns and rollers with a more compact board under your feet. Compact, stable and responsive the Signature boards are made for surfing in any kind of waves or conditions, benefiting from their well balanced and really intuitive shape. Th 2017 F-One Signature Surfboards are able to carve short turns as well as long and fast curves effortlessly. Surfing becomes such a pleasure when you can focus on the waves and not on how to get your board moving. Just look ahead, the 2017 F-One Signature Surfboard will follow! For strapless riding the 2017 F-One Signature Surfboard complements the Mitu Monteiro range for those looking for a narrower board or for the typical stormy European conditions with a steep chop. The pad extends a long way forward specifically for riding strapless with a wider stance. The 2017 F-One Signature Surfboards are equipped with a quattro fin setup for maximum pivoting ability and a perfect grip even when carving aggressively.- A 100% surfing shape

- A progressive rocker evolving from a simple concave in the front half to a V at the fins
- New round tail outline
- Lighter weight
- Ultra versatility for all types of waves
- Incredibly smooth and balanced
- A real carving machine

Full pads
F-ONE surf straps (in option)

Size 5’8’’ 5’10’’
Dimensions 172 x 46 cm 177 X 46 cm
Volume 21 L 22 L
Weight 3.1 kg* 3.2 kg*

An ultra-light weight board which offers incredible sensations while surfing. We have therefore developed a carbon version of the SIGNATURE to let you enjoy even more every wave that you ride!

We have focused the development work on the technology and materials to offer the best. This was done following two main axes:

- The weight: everything has been done to have an extremely light and reliable board. We have decided to use a HD FOAM CARBON COMPOSITE construction with a brushed finish that allows achieving a lighter weight. This sandwich construction (high density foam / carbon) is used for many years in our SUP range and allows us to get an incredible weight/resistance ratio.
As it’s dedicated to strapless, this version is manufactured without straps inserts to obtain one hundred grams alleviation.

- Comfort: We have worked specifically on the flex of the board has carbon tends to naturally bring more stiffness. We have selected a 45° bi-axial carbon fabric, thereby getting rid of any longitudinal fiber to keep the flex of the board.

With this exceptional carbon version, you’ll have the perfect tool to rip every wave!

*indicative value, subject to small variations due to the custom manufacturing process.

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