3 Hour Group Kiting Lesson


Group Maui Kiteboarding Lesson (2 Person Max)
Time: 3 hours of Professional Kiteboarding Lessons
Cost: $450 ($225/person) with a Maui Kitesurfing School professional instructor
2:1 Ratio: Two Students To One professional instructor
When: All year long. Reserve your lesson in advance to ensure availability.
Where: Located in Kahului, Maui at world renown Kanaha Beach (Kite Beach)

"At Maui Kitesurfing School, we teach with a hands-on approach, so we can ensure your safety to effectively learn to kiteboard quicker! This is why we hold onto you, lifeguard for you, and paddle surfboards to you. We're out on the water for you because we know the process of learning to kitesurf  and we know how important it is to learn this wonderful sport the right way the first time!" (Jared Lane)

Our Maui Group Kiteboarding lesson is recommended if this is your first time kitesurfing.  If you have a spouse, child, or significant other that is keen on learning with you, we highly suggest taking our group kiting lesson. 

If you’ve never kiteboarded before than this will be your first chance to feel the raw power of a kite. You will have a 2:1 student to teacher ratio. You and your instructor will go over the following kiteboard skills, so you can learn how to do this extreme sport safely and efficiently:

1. Fly A Trainer Kite - If you haven't had the chance to fly a trainer kite, your kiteboarding instructor will have you fly one for about 10 minutes before you fly a power kite. We do this because it makes flying a power kite safer, but it also makes you learn kiteboarding faster.

2. Setup Your Kiteboarding Gear - Setting up your kitesurfing equipment is extremely important. It can mean the difference between a happy kiteboarding session on the water or an unhappy one in the hospital. We will spend plenty of time on making sure you get this part right because we want you safe!

3. Wind-Windows, Self-Rescue, & Other Kiteboard Knowledge - Your kitesurfing instructor will go into detail on how to fly your kite, what to do if you're a mile offshore and you break a line, and other essential skills that will make your kiteboarding experience fun and safe.

4. Launch & Land A Power Kite - Your instructor will show you how to launch and land a power kite. This entails learning hand signals, knowing where to position yourself if you're the kite flyer or kite catcher, and when to let go or catch the kite.

5. Fly An Inflatable Power Kite With Assistance - You will fly the inflatable power kite with the assistance of your kitesurfing instructor on the beach. You will be shown where to safely position your kite in the air, and he will be able to fine tune your kite flying before you head out on the water.  

6. Fly The Kite Solo On The Beach - Once you've mastered flying the kite assisted, you're instructor will let you fly the kite by yourself with your instructor holding on the back of your harness. Holding on the back of your harness will ensure safety at all times while learning.

7. Body Dragging - This will be your first chance to feel the raw power of the kite. Your Maui Kiteboard instructor will provide specific constant feedback because we are in the water with you. You will experience this by body dragging in the water well away from land and other obstacles. Your instructor will show you how to position your body in the water, so you can progress to body dragging upwind.

8. Body Drag Upwind and Flying the Kite One-Handed - After you feel comfortable body dragging with your instructor, you will work on dragging upwind. This can only be accomplished when you fly the kite with one hand (a critical kiting skill).

9. Board Drags - Once you can body drag upwind without a board and you can leave the beach and return to the same spot that you started from, you will get the board. When you receive the board, you will learn to board drag with it upwind first. This will entail having you drag out to sea and back into shore with the board. Your instructor will remain on the back of your harness, so he can make sure you are positioning your board and kite in the optimal positions to go upwind. Once you feel comfortable with where the kite and board need to be positioned to effectively board drag upwind, you may body drag with your board without your instructor (only once both you and your instructor feel you're ready). When you can stay upwind with the board, this is when its time to progress to water starts.

All lessons are by appointment. We will take reservations the day of the lesson or up to a year in advance. All lessons are subject to weather conditions, of course. If the weather is not suitable for your lesson, it will be postponed until conditions are right for your lesson. There is no charge for lessons canceled due to bad weather. Reservations are recommended, especially if you request a specific instructor.

Maui Kiteboarding Lessons
For those who know they want to get into the sport (Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing / Kiting) and need to learn all the skills to become fully independent, come kiting with us!

We strive for all of our kitesurfing students to safely self-land and self-launch their own kites because you never know when you're going to be all alone. "The scariest moment for me when I was learning to kiteboard was coming in when no one was around to catch my kite." Try not to rely on others. Learn to be independent!

Official Cabrinha Maui Kiteboarding School
State-of-the-art 2019 Cabrinha kites, boards, and bars. We only use the best kiting equipment on the market because we want to ensure that all of our students have every advantage possible to making learning safer, more fun, and more effective.

We stock 2019 Cabrinha kites and boards for our school. We also implement a progressive line system which basically means that we will start you on shorter than standard line lengths, and you will be able to learn kiting in a safer and more effective manner. As you progress, the line length will be increased. We do this until you're kiting with normal length lines. We also stock bi-directional kiteboards, surfboards, and foil boards.

Where to Meet:

We will meet you at our Kanaha Beach Park location where our Kiting.com truck will be at Kanaha Beach Park. It's basically located directly in front of the Kahului Airport towards the water.  Look for the bright orange and yellow Kiting.com truck.

If you decide to meet at our Maui Kiteboarding shop, you can check out all of the new 2019 Cabrinha kiting gear before or after your lesson. Your Maui Kiteboarding instructor will be able to provide you with specific recommendations to purchase your new Cabrinha kiteboarding equipment at our Maui kiteboarding shop.

Maui Kiteboarding Requirements: Every student must be comfortable in the water, and you must be able to swim.

Age Requirements: 12 years old to 80. If you are under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must be present at the start of the lesson to sign waivers for their dependent. Also, we can teach children under the age of 12, but this will be decided by a case-by-case basis.

Weight Requirements: 50lbs to 280lbs

When: 7 days a week from 11 am until sunset and when the wind is more than 15 mph. The first lesson of the day will commence at 11am, and the last lesson of the day will commence at 2pm.

Wind Requirements: To make your kiteboarding lesson fun, safe, and easy to learn, we need at least 15mph of wind. If the wind is less than 15mph, your lesson will need to be rescheduled or refunded.

What you need to bring:
- Towel & change of clothes if needed
- Swimming suit
- Drinks besides water, sunscreen, lunch, etc.
- Sunglasses and/or a hat if needed (leave your Maui Jim's at home)

We supply the following kiting gear required to be able to kiteboard: 2019 Cabrinha kites, boards, harnesses, helmets, bar and lines, impact vests, lycra rash guards, waterproof radios, pumps, snacks, water, and your professional kiteboarding instructor.

"Please note that it generally takes more than one 3 hour lesson to be able to kite with the board."

To reserve your kiting lesson in advance on our calendar booking system below, please select the month and day that you would like to start and a starting time of either 11am or 2pm.

If you are reserving your lesson within 24 hours of your desired starting time, please contact us directly at (808) 852-1938 to confirm availability.

We are looking forward in getting you out on the water and getting you hooked on the best water sport in the world! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us today at 808-852-1938

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