Maui Kiteboarding Lessons

Great team of very talented, experienced and super awesome Kiteboarders. Really good instructors and the only place to go for tandem rides which is probably the best way to check out Kiting if your unsure or just want to have a lot of fun really fast with this beautiful sport..... The water is warm, the wind is perfect, the people are stoked and so can you be. Come check out the Kiteboarding scene and try it out. These guys got your back.
(Jesse Richman)

AWESOME! I took 2 lessons while visiting friends, one with Chris and one with Nik. Both instructors were super nice, and you guys, they are HILARIOUS. I just wanted to learn some basics in one lesson, but really had such an awesome day with Chris I booked a second lesson for the next day! These guys know their stuff and have great teaching styles. I'm planning on doing another session when I go back in June! Thanks guys!!
(Hannah Finnazo-Krueger)

Excellent instructors (skilled, safe, patient, encouraging)
- Eager to see you learn (will take the pace as fast or slow as you want, won't hold you back or rush you)
- Generous with their time (follow up with you on the beach with tips even after lessons, give advice on gear and kites) I bought two lessons: One beginner lesson for my sister and one intermediate lesson for myself. Both were with Jay. BEGINNER LESSON:
My sister had never touched a kite before. I was very particular about finding an instructor who 1) was very safe and skilled and 2) would show her how fun the sport could be. I'd been practicing myself on the same beach as Jay and his students for a few weeks. I saw how every student who came away from his lessons was exuberantly happy and made a huge leap in their skill level. Even the most timid newbies made great progress. When the learning environment is so safe and the instructor is that patient and encouraging anyone is going to flourish. By the end of her first lesson, my sister was steadily flying the kite and body dragging! (This was such a contrast to my first couple lessons with a different school where they intentionally slowed the lessons so you'd frustratingly have to pay for 3 before you were even in the water.) She got a taste of flying over the water with a fun tandem ride afterwards and came back grinning ear to ear. I was so happy that she was so happy! If you're looking to hopefully trick your family member/friend/SO into loving your favorite sport, go with this school hands down. INTERMEDIATE LESSON:
I couldn't reliably stay upwind and wanted a lesson to lock that in so I wouldn't need to keep walking up the beach after drifting downwind. Bonus would be learning how to jump. Within the first hour Jay had helped me lock in going upwind. He rode alongside me, just upwind, and gave me constant feedback and tweaking. It's so much easier to get it dialed in just right when you have a coach drilling you on your bad habits. For example, I'd get so focused on getting my board angle correct that I'd let the kite drift up too high and lose all my power. Whenever it started to climb Jay would yell out "45 degrees" and I could correct in the moment. Much less time sitting in the water analyzing how I'd messed up and way more experiences of everything clicking. It was amazing. Suddenly I had control over my speed and direction. After that he asked if I still wanted to try out some baby jumps (YES!) and demonstrated how. His teaching style is really effective -- he'll explain, then demonstrate, then patiently repeat that process until you get it. For me he noticed that I understand the concepts much better when he explains in terms of the physics of the opposing forces, so started following up every simple how-to technique explanation with a physics explanation. After following his lead I jumped a short 5 feet then a super fun 10 feet. Can't wait to keep trying for higher, and so thrilled to get that experience from my lesson. A few last points about Jay as an instructor: I've seen him doing tricks in his own time and he's a total badass but he doesn't use the lesson to show off -- it's all about you and getting great practice time in. He does a great job of constantly checking in to see that you're feeling good and understanding how to do the technique you're currently practicing. And when you're practicing, the encouragement both sees you through the moments when you're floundering and makes the successes that much more celebratory. OVERALL:
I am so happy with my experience and would highly recommend Maui Kiteboarding School. Jay is a really top notch instructor and all of the other instructors I've met from the school are super friendly and generous with advice when they see me out on the beach. The cost of a lesson is a bargain for how much great help you get.
(Kasia Hayden)

These guys make a potentially very traumatic experience very enjoyable. Beginning kiting was and still is one of the hardest things to do at the age of 50 for me. From day 1 they take you step by step in a very organized, pleasant journey and carefully monitor your progression. Jared is a stand up guy, talented, pleasant and is there for you every step of the way. Even when you are good enough to go on your own, you know they are there, watching out for you, giving you advice, helping you improve.
(Turgut Berkmen)

Maui Kitesurfing School is by far the best on Island! Friendly and professional instructors who are prepared to accommodate the needs of any student. Plus this is the only Kite school offering Tandem Kitesurfing, which is by far the best way for a new student to experience the sport of kiting. Jared is the talent and mastermind behind tandem Kitesurfing, and he is an expert kitesurfer with boundless amounts of knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport. If you have any interest in experiencing the incredible sport of Kitesurfing on Maui then you must schedule your time with Maui Kitesurfing School!
(Angie Verderico)

Easily one of the most exciting and thrilling experiences I've ever participated in. The people working here made this new adventure worth while. Besides making the kitesurfing easier to learn, they were all so energetic, helpful, and passionate people. If you're going to go to Maui, you do NOT want to miss out on this!!
(Connor Carlson)

Jared was awesome! I had spoken with him before arriving in order to book a tandem kiteboarding experience and was told to call him the morning of our scheduled time to see if we would have enough wind. My husband called and Jared let him know the next day looked more promising. The next morning came and we were told it was a go. Jared told us the place and time to meet and he was right where he said he would be. After some short instruction time and a question and answer time to get the feel of my comfort zone, we were off. He has put his tandem paragliding experience to work in order to provide a great tandem kiting experience. My husband is a kite boarder and had hoped this adventure would allow me to see why he loves it. Jared sure did. From catching some waves to catching big air I will say it again...It was awesome. Forget the ring, go see this Jared.
(Sheryll Schuppisser)

My best Kitesurfing experience ever. I took lessons in the past but Jared and Chris' knowledge, dedication, patience, passion and professionalism made all the difference, I came with mediocre skills and habits and I left with proficiency, confidence and a lot of comfort. This school is the BEST in Maui, hands down. I highly recommend it. Satisfaction guaranteed. Good wind.
(A M Rouissi)

Jared is an amazing instructor! His love and passion for kiting is undeniable and he truly wants you to have an amazing and safe experience. He takes time to answer questions and makes sure you understand what you'll be doing on the water. Jared is experienced and knowledgeable in every aspect of kiting; not to mention he has expertise in every water sport imaginable!!! He took me kiting for the first time and it was so, so much FUN! He's patient and completely stoked to be out on the water with you. I highly recommend Maui Kitesurfing School whether you're just learning to kite or want a local's expertise of Maui's waters. Jared is the best! I can't wait to be back on Maui so I can kite again.
(Zoe Berg)

These guys and gals were awesome. I only got a chance to ride with Jared but all the ppl in the shop were helpful and easy to talk to. Jared made my ride amazing from the outset. I had little experience with kiting (as they call it) but he eased me into rides I won't easily forget. Thanks buddy.

Brah my experience at maui kite surfing school was amazing. I've had so many adventures and kite surfing was one of the best experences, floating on the water ,that wind in my face. Jared made learning easy and fun and I was kiting in no time Thanks!!!
(Jammin Kualaau)

Kitesurfing is definitely one of the greatest sports that allows you to harness energy from mother nature and control it at your finger tips. Jared and his team are true masters on passing on the stoke to all who want to experience this for themselves. It's definitely an advantage to learn this sport at such a great location like Kanaha beach with fresh tradewinds and warm water it's easy to see why this experience can become so addictive.
(Chris Fiedler)

If you wanna learn to kite or get proficient with your existing kiting skills, look no further than the exceptionally talented staff @ Maui Kitedurfing School. They helped me learn kiting from scratch (guess you CAN teach an old dog new tricks) & Jared had me up on the board down & up-wind with that kite in the air quickly, safely & consistently. RIDE WITH THEM. Thanks & Aloha.
(Michael Hern)

I highly recommend Kiteboarding School of Maui. Jared, Chris and Nick are great guys and excellent instructors. I am a bigger guy and was concerned about them not having the right equipment but hey have a huge van with tons of equipment so it was not a problem. Kite beach is an awesome scene and these guys are dialed in!
(Rath Mel)

My family and I had a great time with our instructors at Maui Kitesurfing School. We highly recommend choosing these guys before going anywhere else. Thank you again for all of your patience, kiting knowledge, and saving me when I couldn't relaunch my own kite. We will be back for more later this summer. Mahalos!
(Kalani Smith)

Maui Kitesurfing School and Jared are the best in Maui and in the world! Real Passion to Kiteboarding and Servicing People! Keep up a good Job! Highly recommended to everyone! Lifetime experience!
(Dr. Dmitri Sokolov)

Had a great time! Not only was everyone so professional, they were also such fun!
(Jeff Calesa)

Great instructors with really positive attitudes all around! I would recomend to anyone, no matter what your skill level.
(Austin Dalbey)

The best company! super professional, Jared and the guys are great!
recommended to anyone who wants to experience kiting on MAUI!
(Idan Shem Tov)

Best Instructor in the World! No kidding! Love Jared and Maui Kitesurfing School!
(Natasha Raiko)

My husband and I had an AMAZING experience taking kiteboarding lessons for the first time with Maui Kitesurfing School (aka Kiting.com). They have a truck parked out by the beach with all the equipment, which means you don't have to make any stops beforehand like with other schools and when conditions or preferences change -- everything they need is handy. This was critical since we changed equipment, kites, etc. multiple times to get the right fit and power for changing wind conditions. On top of all this, MKS had the best rates and were the most responsive and flexible of all the companies we contacted, which was important since we were working around nanny scheduling as well. We took our first 3-hour lesson together with Christos (aka Chris) where we learned the basics of kite setup, flying the kite and body dragging through the water. Chris was very technical with his explanations, and we felt like we were in very good hands. For the second lesson, we split up with two different instructors: Chris for me, since I got first pick, and John for my husband, since he was new to us. Once again, I felt completely confident in Chris' instruction and support as he taught me to water start and do some short runs on the board. John was better suited for my husband since he was a bit more free-spirited and they went out much further than I did, ending up on the next beach over. We were both really happy with our progress that day! As a bonus, Jared took me on a tandem ride at the end of the day and did a few jumps too! This was a great way to get a feel for what it's really like once you're up and riding, as well as getting more airtime than I probably ever will on my own! On the third day, which we rescheduled to a day earlier due to poor wind conditions forecasted for the following day, only Chris was available so my husband took a lesson with HST. That was a huge mistake for him and he ended up working around their rigid timing, stopping at a store beforehand to pick up his gear, being stuck with a kite that was too small as the wind died down, and having to watch his instructor demonstrate more than getting to ride himself. My lesson with Chris was once again AWESOME, and I ended the day doing several long runs out and back into shore. My goals for the trip had been met! Although my husband had a disappointing last lesson, he was luckily able to go out with our friends on the following day, which ended up being even better wind conditions. All in all, we were extremely impressed with the top-notch instruction from Chris, John and Jared at MKS. We would definitely book them again for lessons if we are back in Maui and wanting to take things to the next level!
(Jackie U.)

I just moved to Maui and have been curious about what it was like to go kiting. Yesterday, I finally went for it with Kiting.com and it's been one of the highlights of my time here.
Jared who runs the school gave me the option of going out tandem with him before I got going with any training or lessons to see if I would even like the experience of kiting before making any time of investment. It was unreal- I got a complete adrenaline rush, while still feeling safe because he knew what he was doing and I just hung on for the ride. I got to experience kiting at a level I won't be at for years- though it gave me something to aspire to.
Afterward, I used their practice kite to get the technique down on the beach and am looking forward to taking a lesson and getting in the water on my own soon!
Highly recommend- if you're even thinking about it, go! As someone dealing with a health issue that can affect my endurance, safety is definitely emphasized and you'll be well taken care of by the team at kiting.com!
(Kelsey M. B.)

Decided to take foil boarding lessons from Jared. I've been kiting numerous years, and have been wanting to get into foil boarding. It was the highlight of my kite trip to Maui! Jared is one of the best instructors out there. Very knowledgable, and has great communication skills.
I was so happy and enjoyed the teaching so much, that I decided to buy a board from Alex
Aguera, shipped back to the mainland.
Highly recommend anyone desiring kite lessons of any experience level to call Jared!

I could not imagine a better kitesurfing instructor than Jared at Maui Kitesurfing School! Not being particularly experienced with watersports - only tubing and waterskiing on lakes as a kid - Jared made me feel safe and confident throughout my lessons, from beach to ocean. Jared is very hands on in every step of the process and has impeccable communication skills, making the difficult steps of kite surfing come with ease and enjoyment. He described to me that he teaches each new student as if they are his younger sister - I completely agree with this statement - Jared is compassionate, friendly, comforting, and a constant stream of positive reinforcement. I had one lesson with another experienced kiting instructor from another school on Maui, which was an absolute disaster - the guy was hands-off and a horrible communicator. This further highlighted what a gem of a teacher Jared is! Every person who asks my boyfriend and I about kiting on the beach (people are so intrigued and excited every time the kites come out!) we refer them to kiting.com because of my awesome experience. I feel almost silly singing such high praises about Jared and Maui Kitesurfing School, but when you meet him, you will understand my enthusiasm :) If you are a watersports newbie like me, I would definitely recommend at least 3 lessons to feel confident going out alone. I had my lessons in November, right before Maui's kiteboarding "off-season" (Nov-Feb), which has made it a bit difficult to practice after my initial lessons. If you want consistent wind for consistent practice, I think getting your lessons in the months before November would do you good.
(Sam S.)

Ahh! I just had the BEST time doing Tandem Kiteboarding with Jared. WOW! What an incredible experience. The board went at exhilarating speeds, soared through the air, and we even did a 360 "flip". Jared was kind, fun-loving, professional, and truly an expert: I felt very safe in his care.
I Highly Highly Highly recommend this unique and incredible experience. :D
(Dessert D.)

I've known Jared for a few years now and I have been kiteboarding for about 5 years. Every time I go out or I'm about to go out Jared always has new lesson for me. He constantly challenges me and continues to push me to become better. He has a seemingly endless quiver of tips and tricks for every level of kiter. He is a great guy, though my opinion may be a bit biased I know for a fact a lot of other people think of him in a similar way. He is a great instructor, kiter, and in general just a great person. If you are looking for top notch kiteboarding lessons him and his crew definetly deliver a 5 star service. Learning is a daunting task at times but with the team at Maui Kitesurfing School their teaching techniques are extremely effective and give the neophyte a sense of safety and control which can be uncommon for many beginners. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking to get into the sport.
(Hunter M.)

I've been taking kiting lessons for a while now; unfortunately, always in increments of 2-3 sessions before leaving the area (I don't live somewhere with good kiting conditions). I went to Maui with a friend (who kiteboards) and took five days of lessons. Maui Kitesurfing School is fantastic. Each instructor I had was a bit different, and Jared, the owner (I presume) accommodates your needs and personality, making sure to match you with someone who fits well. I was able to go on my first runs and get up on the board! They are kind, encouraging, friendly, and fun. I learned a lot and was able to execute my first real self rescue, and felt comfortable with all elements of basic kiting. Jared and William were particularly great, and made me feel more calm and in control. You learn everything you'll need to know -it was great fun, not only to learn but to spend time with the instructors! I felt really taken care of, and can't wait to go back. They catered to my style and fears, and gave me a LOT of time in the water (versus other places where you have to take the same rigging lesson over and over again. Once you have it down, you go out!) Also, Big Arnold is the best dog ever.
(Carrie L.)

Just had my first kitesurfing lesson with Jared and could not have imagined a better experience. We went tandem first so I could get a feel for it and that was incredible. I was hooked immediately after our first jump. Then I began learning to fly the kite. I thought I would fail horribly, having no real experience with wind sports, but Jared was an excellent instructor and had me controlling the kite in no time. I am so pleased with our first lesson and can't wait to learn more. I highly recommend Maui Kitesurfing School to anyone interested in learning this incredible sport!
(Annie C.)

Jared was awesome! I just started kite boarding and I'm not up on a board yet. I went out tandem with Jared and it was so FUN!!! We went all over -- and even jumped! -- and I learned SO much!!! I will definitely send people here:)

I just came back home from Maui and I must say that Kitesurfing Tandem was an amazing experience. I've tried it for the first time and LOVED IT! I loved the adventure and felt very safe during the ride. The speed was great and we even did few jumps. I took a lesson with Jered right after the tandem kiting and highly recommend Jered and kiting.com. I was very impressed with the whole experience. If you want to learn how to kitesurf, try tandem Kitesurfing first and you feel more confident and safe during your lesson.
(Dina D.)

Tandem kitesurfing with Jared was so much fun. He is a fantastic instructor and made me feel at ease. Tandem was an easy and quick way to get a feel for kitesurfing as someone who is completely new to it. It was great to be able to experience what it's like to kitesurf with a professional. When we were on tandem, we went fairly far out and jumped, which was fun. Jared is an excellent instructor who loves the sport. I would highly recommend kitesurfing with Jared.

For starters Maui has some of the most consistent wind on the planet, so just being in Maui is a huge plus if you want to learn how to kiteboard. Jared has been kitesurfing longer than mostly every other kiteboarder that I have ever met. He was able to show me the basics of flying the trainer kite fairly quickly. He then showed me how to safely set up the full size kite, how to launch, land and create power with the kite. After not too much time at all he was showing me how to use the kite out in the water to drag myself through the water. He got my hooked on the sport fairly quickly and his shop was able to sell me some gear and have it shipped to me back in California for me to continue learning in the less consistent winds of Southern California. Jared was kind enough to keep an ongoing e-mail dialogue with me to give me some additional pointers as I started being able to actually get up on the board and ride. Definitely a great shop and a great kiteboarding school, if you even think that you might have fun trying out this amazing sport, I say you should go for it!
(John H.)

The team at Maui Kitesurfing School are excellent. Knowledgable, professional, and super fun. Specifically riding tandem helped me get a sense for the speed, body/board positioning, and kite control I would need to send it.
(Bethanie K.)

I recently took a trip to Maui and decided to do something out of the ordinary. This was my first time kite boarding and Jared got me up kiting in no time! I couldn't have been happier with the entire experience. I'll definitely be back next time I come to maui for a lesson on going up wind!!!!
(Ray C.)

Consistency is a good thing... so I am happy to give another well deserved 5 star to Maui Kitesurfing School. Jared is a fantastic teacher. Great communication, followup and professional in every aspect of Kite Surfing. Get prepared to have a great time, be in safe and knowledgeable hands while tying yourself to a fun machine at one of the best places in the world. Aloha! What's not to like? Thanks Jared!
(Heiko W.)

I'm very happy to recommend Jared and MKS. I took my first lessons with him on the legendary Kanaha kiteboarding beach. New Naish gear and very safe and clear teaching from very experienced instructor. My kids were not with me, but I would trust his patience and safe instruction with teenagers, too. As important, a hurricane had killed the reliable Maui winds and he postponed our lessons until the winds picked up. We will be back for more!
(Zen V.)

First things first: I had never been kite surfing before and was slightly nervous about trying to learn. I have lived near the ocean my entire life and am comfortable in the water, but the idea of being strapped to a kite kind of freaked me out. Long story short, this was by far the most memorable part of my vacation on Maui!! I was directed to kiting.com by a friend and was able to sign up for a lesson really quickly. My instructor, Jared, was not only a really fun guy, but was an excellent teacher and extremely knowledgable about the sport. He was able to get me up and surfing by the end of the first day, which I was totally not expecting! I can not imagine a better way to learn as a first timer. I came into this slightly apprehensive about the whole idea, and left my last lesson completely amped on a new passion! Worth every penny. Thank you Jared for teaching me the ropes and being such a great teacher! I plan on purchasing some equipment of my own from their website and kiting out in California. I highly recommend this kite school to anyone who wants to learn how to kiteboard for the first time or even hone your current skills. Mahalo!!
(Sam E)

Learning to kiteboard with Jared was just fantastic! I went from total newbie to kiteboarder in 3 days and came back for another 2 days because I was hooked on this exhilarating sport. Jared's knowledge of the sport is superb. He was attentive and encouraging and really made me at ease in some tough conditions in the waves and wind. Things that I really appreciated were his emphasis on safety and care and preparation of the equipment. He makes sure you are able to safely set up and handle the equipment, as well as self rescue, which is critical knowledge after you are out there kiting on your own. He also takes good care of his students, making sure they stay hydrated and adapting his instruction to your learning style. You can't ask for a better instructor or better conditions for learning to kiteboard. It was the highlight of my trip to Maui.
(Maureen M.)

Our experience with the Maui Kitesurfing school, and instructor Jared Carlson, was amazing. My wife and I were on our honeymoon and decided that we wanted to learn how to Kiteboard, so we decided to go with the Maui Kitesurfing School. Jared spent 9 hrs with us over two days and is absolutely a superb trainer. He was very patient, attentive, encouraging and fun to be around. We are hooked and will definitely continue Kiteboarding. I would recommend anyone who is interested in Kiteboarding in Maui to learn through Kiting.com and specifically ask for Jared. We could not have asked for a better learning experience and more fun. Thanks Jared!
(Alex S.)

I took two lessons in two days with Jared the owner of Maui Kitesurfing and had a fantastic time. He took me from noob to almost capable, a tough task to say the least. We shared some laughs as I flew through the air and planted this pretty face in the water more than once. Jared's concern for my well being and hands on teaching about everything including kite setup will stay with me long into my kiting future. Definitely the school to use of you want to learn.
(Ryan S.)

Wow, My wife and I had so much fun Kite boarding with Jared. I didn't think it was going to be as easy as it was. Jared did a good job at being attentive with my wife and I at learning how to properly control the kite. The wind had picked up so it couldn't have been any better. We both enjoyed the lesson so much that we booked another lesson the following day. I would definitely recommend anyone wanting to learn how to kite board to sign up for a lesson. Thanks again for making our trip that much more desirable!!
(Mike G.)