Alex Zhadkevich 
Alex started kiting over 10 years ago in Cape Hatteras on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. He enjoys teaching kiteboarding and is friendly, patient and adapts to each person depending on their comfort level. He moved to Maui in 2012, is US Kiter certified and also speaks fluent Russian. He loves kiting in big waves and old school freestyle.

Jared (Jay) Carlson
Jay can rip it up in the waves and can also throw down some technical handle-passes, but he specializes in tandem kiteboarding and foil boarding. He has competed in many professional kiteboarding contests since 2002. His positive approach towards helping beginners learn has led to a large increase in the number of happy kiteboarders and water enthusiasts.  He continues to adapt his learning style and approach, so he can make learning to kiteboard more safe, fun, and effective. Just ask this guy anything about extreme sports, and he will be more than happy to help you out.
"To be great at anything, you have to take that first step."
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Nik Sabin
Nik has been kiting for over 10 years. He is one of the most patient guys that you'll ever meet. If you'd like a very effective and safe instructor that is able to take your kiting to the next level, Nik is your guy. He loves riding waves with his strapless surfboard, but he also loves kite fishing and foil boarding.

John Kapteina
John is an excellent kiting instructor for getting students stoked on our sport. He has been kiting for many years, and he has been instructing for about 5.  He is a very effective instructor since he has a relaxed but safe approach, and our students absolutely love him.

Alex Marcelli (Alexia)
Alex Marcelli, 28 years old, grew up in Hawaii, has been kiting since 2002, competed in the Red Bull King Of The Air, Maui Kite Fest, and other national contests including racing and speed. Alex is an experienced waterman. He also enjoys surfing, SUP, tow-in, free-diving, and hanging out on the beach. Alex speaks fluent English, Italian, Spanish, French, and some Portuguese. His favorite things to do while kiting are freestyle, waketricks, and strapless waveriding. Alex is IKO and CPR certified, and he's been teaching kiting on Maui for the past 10 years. Kiting is an activity that he enjoys very much, but he enjoys passing along his love for the sport to new and upcoming kiters even more! "Kiting will have you stoked for a lifetime!"

William (Garfield) King
Garfield has been kiting since 2002 and has competed on the professional kiteboarding circuit. He has an old school wake style that is unlike many others out there. It's really awesome to watch!  

Chris (Aussie) Fiedler
Chris has been kiting excessivley since 1999 and he can't quite get rid of this awesome kiting addiction. He is the mayor of Kite Beach. 
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William Pannel
William has been teaching kiting since 2007.  He was one of our first kiting instructors for  He is a professional lawyer by trade, but he'd rather be out on the water kiting with us.  

Austin (Chicken Loop) Dalby
Austin is one of our best foil boarding masters.  He is absolutely amazing to watch.  It's like you're watching an action-packed ballet routine on the water.  His tacks and jibes are so smooth, and he makes them look easy.  If and when kite foiling becomes an Olympic sport, I'll be betting on Austin.  He also loves teaching and transferring his endless amounts of kite knowledge to his students.
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Tyler Bradfield
Tyler has been kiting and teaching for over 10 years now.  He loves catching massive air, but I think his newfound passion is kite foil boarding.  We all sort of caught the bug, and it's a hard one to shake.  Tyler is a regular at the beach, so keep your eyes peeled for the guy sending it to the moon.