Maui, Hawaii - The Best Kiting Destination In The World

Maui, Hawaii - The Best Kiting Destination In The World

May 26, 2017

Maui is the #1 kiting destination in the United States, and it's one of the best in the world. Our ocean waters and air temperatures average around 80 degrees throughout the year, and our winds generally blow 15-25 mph 300+ days a year. The best time of the year to venture to Maui is during our summer months (May-September), but we'll generally be able to kite more than half of the time during winter. A local kiter can basically kite every single day during summer if he'd like. So if you love kiting and warm tropical weather, Maui is the only place to visit. Maui is suitable for both beginner through advanced kiters throughout the year. We teach on Maui's North Shore where there is an outside reef which protects all beginners from large swells and intense currents. If you are an experienced kiter and would like to take on the massive waves, you can do so during our winter months. Waves are usually seen in excess of two story tall buildings. But keep in mind during the winter, you can stay safe on the inside reef and still learn to kite in relatively flat conditions. The water depth on the inside reef is roughly 4-5 feet which makes it an ideal place to learn to kite.

The common geographic trait that makes Maui more ideal than all of the other islands is that Maui is basically shaped like one big venturi. We have Haleakala, a national state park that is over 10,000 ft tall, situated on the eastern side of the island, and we have the West Maui mountains, a national park that is over 5,700 ft tall, situated on the western side of the island. Our north easterly winds travel directly between these two mountain ranges which drastically increases the velocity of the wind. The winds can be blowing 20 mph 5 miles out at sea, but once the winds get closer to our Maui valley, this 20 mph wind will increase to 30 mph or more. The stronger the wind, the more fun and enjoyable the kiting will be. Professional kiteboarders can ride winds in excess of 50 mph, and this is when the real excitement happens. It's common to see professionals getting 60 - 100 ft airs in these conditions. But it is more common for Maui winds to be blowing in the 15-25 mph range which is ideal for all kiteboarders looking to have fun out on the water.

Travelers looking to visit Maui will have many accommodations to choose from ranging from high end luxury resorts, Bed & Breakfasts, hostels, and camping. The majority of our students prefer staying close by Kanaha Beach within a 15-30 minute drive.  Our students love Paia for a number of reasons, and it's only a 15 minute drive to our Kanaha kite beach.  Paia is a small town located on Maui's North Shore that has accommodations with Bed & Breakfasts and hostels. There are plenty of great eateries and places to watch live entertainment. The best food on Maui is in Paia. There is great Thai, Italian, Greek, seafood, plant-based and vegan friendly options for the whole family. Some of these great eateries include Thai Spice, The Flatbread Company, Mama's Fish House, The Fish Market, and Cafe De Amis. And there are many others to choose from.  If you're looking for a local natural grocery store, there is no choice than going to Mana. We also have numerous high end luxury hotels located on Maui's south shore (Wailea) such as The Grand Wailea, The Fairmont, and The Four Seasons which is roughly a 30 minute drive to Kanaha Beach. The west side (Kaanapali) has beautiful hotels like The Andaz and The Ritz Carlton, but it is a little further out of the way (45-60 minute drive). So whatever you're looking for on Maui, we'll be able to take care of you.

If the winds are light, or if you need to make sure your family has an action-packed activity to do besides kiting, there are numerous options for you. Maui has excellent calm and sunny beaches perfect for sunbathing, snorkeling, or lounging around. Travelers and locals alike also love surfing, hiking, rappelling, parasailing, paragliding, snorkeling, body boarding, rock climbing, mountain biking, stand up paddle boarding, boating, and exploring the island.

We believe the following activity businesses are the best on Maui because they are passionate about what they do, and they love sharing their passion with others

Maui was rated in 2016 as the best island in the world!  And there is more than one reason for it.  We are biased in the sense that we love kiting. But if you have family that are tagging along and don't kite board or if the wind suddenly backs off for you, there are many great activities and sites to keep you and your family happy and entertained for days and weeks.  The fun, adventure, excitement, and small tropical island feel will keep you and your family wanting to come back to Maui for many years to come. 

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